Marsh Green

The house was in a bad way. The cement render had caused lots of rot in the cob and timber lintels. Some windows didn’t have lintels at all originally so we installed some and replaced others. The chimney had to be deconstructed and the corner has taken down to the ground. This was then built back up using cob and a new chimney stack was built using the reclaimed bricks and lime mortar. Various cracks in the cob were stitched and rotten cob was replaced. A lime render was applied.

Lime render. Silicate paint. Breathable render. cob repairs

Lime render. cob house repairs.

Damp cob. Lime plaster. Lath and Lime plaster.

Lime plaster. Damp cob. cob repairs.

Failing cob. Damp cob house.

Damaged cob chimney.

Corner rebuild on cob house.

Damp and eroded cob. Cob repairs. Weak cob.

Cob House

Rotten roof Truss. Cob House. hidden surprise.

New chimney Cob house.