This house was suffering from rotten cob low down on the gable end which was causing the gable to begin leaning outwards ready to collapse. A large scaffolding support was installed and the gable was rebuilt using cob. It was tied back using steel strapping and built in staples. The porch was so badly rotten it too was about to fall down so we propped the roof and installed oak posts for support. We Rebuilt the walls using lath and lime plaster to finish it. The whole house has a lime render applied.

Cracks in cob. Structural engineer cob repair. Lime render.

New oak Porch, Lath and Lime Plaster. Cob repair.

Rotten wood. wet cob. crumbling wood and brick. Lath and Plaster

Lime render. Lath and Plaster. Oak Porch.

Rebuilt Chimney. Cob repairs, Lime mortar. Lime render