Golden lion House, Crockernwell

The house which has the old coach house attached used to be a key resting place for horses heading west from exeter.

Over recent decades it had multiple cement based renders applied on top of an old lime render which left a very hard and thick render attached to not a lot. This render was not allowing moisture which has built up in the wall to escape and causing symptoms of damp on the inside walls. Being stone built, the old lime mortar joints was susceptible to degradation in a similar way to cob but the effects are much slower.

We had trouble controlling the removal of the render as it was very keen to fall off in large sheets so this was a sensitive process. After exposing several large rotten timber lintels, some were replaced. the owners took the opportunity to have us replace all the fronting windows with new as this was the logical time to do so.

A new lime putty render was applied to the whole front face and both gable ends to allow the water in the walls to dissipate and restore a more traditional look to the house. Four coats of a very appropriately coloured lime wash were applied to help protect the render. The stone plinth was left exposed and repointed using hydraulic lime mortar to provide a capillary break for rising damp and restore some historical charm to the building.