Bespoke Cob Blocks

Our new cob block machine is mobile! Allowing our team to manufacture cob blocks anywhere. This allows for better repairs; technically, environmentally and historically.”


When repairing cob (and indeed lime and stone), it is always a more durable repair if the materials used are a close match to the original construction material. Sometimes the blocks currently available are not a close match to the cob they are repairing due to many variables in soil types. By using blocks made from locally sourced earth, the repair will integrate much more naturally and be longer lasting.


Most cob blocks available require tons of earth to be transported to a manufacturing facility before being turned into blocks which are then transported onward to site. With only approximately 50-60 blocks per one ton pallet, this quickly adds up to a lot of weight, diesel and money.

We can bring our plant to your field or excavation site and either dig the earth up, or process already dug material to further reduce the environmental impact of your project.


From a heritage point of view, earth to make cob was generally sourced very close to the project site and therefore varies in composition from location to location. There are at least as many variables in the characteristics of cob as there are in the soil below our feet and it is truer to the heritage of the building to repair using like for like materials. This is especially valuable in the case of repairing listed buildings. Repairs which are expected to remain exposed will integrate significantly more aesthetically and may almost be invisible once weathered.

Communities which have a significant number of listed buildings built from cob might find it of interest to build a stock of local blocks to sell to the community as needed, to unify the material used for repair in their area. This over comes the varying issue caused by incompatible materials making sub-optimal repairs to their heritage assets and greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the community.

The greater the number of blocks manufactured in any one location, the lower the cost per block.

Hair for lime plasters

We also have a stock of locally sourced loose hair for sale for use in lime and earth plasters. “