Cob, lime and heritage building surveying.

With over a decade of experience diagnosing and repairing historic buildings, especially those built from cob and lime, I am an insured surveyor with an extensive understanding of historic building pathology as well as the management of their repair and maintenance and their interaction with more modern structures.  

I can offer a wide range of surveys and advise including:

  • Structural fabric surveys of historic buildings. 
  • Health check survey, pre-purchase survey or condition report on cob, stone and brick buildings constructed prior to circa 1920.  
  • Diagnosis of damp problems in old buildings.
  • Investigations into specific concerns including cracking, bulging or movement.
  • Listed building consent applications, planning permission or building control.
  • Project design, material specifications and method statements.
  • Drone inspection surveys.

Cracks and damp in old cob buildings:

I can help identify the causes, problems and solutions to issues such as damp and cracks in old cob, stone or brick walls and failing plasters and renders. I can survey and advise on properties you might be interested in buying or problems with one you might already own. I can compile professional reports or simple conclusions following site visits or neither if you would simply like to have a chat about maintenance issues at your property. 

Listed Building Consent:

I have an intricate understanding of materials such a lime and earth and as I am well experienced in the legislative requirements around listed buildings and building control, I can compile method statements and material specifications for a wide range of historic building projects.

Project Design:

I can design repair schedules and building alterations using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to allow visualisation of building alterations and material and engineering calculations.

Trade associations: 

I have good relationships with trade professions and engineers who are skilled and sensitive to the requirements of working on old structures but I can also work with your preferred contractors to ensure the project is carried out sensitively. 

Drone Surveys:

As a Civil Aviation Authority licensed drone pilot, I am able to offer flying inspections of hard-to-reach areas to assess the condition of roofs and chimneys without the need for scaffolding saving time and money in the diagnosis of potential issues.

Reduce your carbon footprint with lime.

Did you know?.. 

Building limes can actually be carbon negative alternative to cement since they require less energy to produce and can absorb and store up to their own weight in Carbon. Using lime doesn’t have to be reserved for historic buildings and if you’re interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your new build or renovation project, regardless of the type of construction then I can work with you and your architect to advise on the diverse range of application which might be suitable to help you achieve this.