Jack Henderson and Cob Solutions

I was first introduced to Cob and Lime after completing my A-levels, when I took a job with the local cob specialist Kevin McCabe of ‘Build Something Beautiful’ and of Grand designs Fame who was one of the only people in the country building new houses out of cob after around 100 years of it not being used commercially.

I went to university on 3 different occasions but found that I couldn’t find any commitment to academia and in between times continued working with cob. I then took a job with another cob and lime specialist who spends most of his time carrying out lime plastering and repairs to old cob houses. I spent several years gaining experience and developing my own style of work before deciding to make the jump and work for myself in 2012. I loved the challenge of doing the work alone and the freedom that came from developing my own systems and processes and I quickly found myself inundated with work.

A chance meeting with Graham West, the now retired director of the old Cob Construction Company previously based in Exminster, near Exeter, Devon, yielded a well-trained team looking to continue their careers, and a life-time of experience to draw from. Cob Solutions Limited was born. That was 2014 and we have not stopped learning since. I quickly realised that there was a huge lack of understanding in the construction industry about the simple but incredibly important requirements of historic buildings and started to develop my experience by research and practical experimentation. I set about trying to understand the systems which make lime plasters and cob buildings last so long, given their very basic and organic composition. Joining the Building Limes forum was the perfect opportunity to join like minded people and tap into a wealth of academic research.

I now have a great team who share my passion for old buildings and doing things right. I still love the challenges involved in running a small business and the systems and processes are still progressing. My interests have evolved to focus on the technical characteristics of traditional building materials as well as the importance of effective management, customer services and communication skills in keeping the company going.

As corporate members of the Building Limes Forum, we are exposed to the latest research into construction limes and have become dedicated to traditional methods and materials because on their ability to outperform modern alternatives in many important ways. Our Traditional materials Page will tell you a little more about the importance of the materials we use.