Cob Solutions is a small heritage building and surveying consultancy with a passion for looking after our country’s special built heritage. 

We understand that there is a lot to be learned from the way things used to be done, and when you are dealing with old and sensitive materials such as cob, stone and lime, this has never been more true. Having worked almost solely on historic buildings from day one we have a comprehensive understanding of how the various elements of an old building work together to function in its modern environment.

Listed Building Surveys and design consultancy:

Our work includes:
  • Condition reports for listed buildings and traditional earth, stone and old brick constructions. 
  • Sensitive solutions to damp problems in old buildings of cob, stone, timber or brick construction.
  • Technical advice for repairs to cracks or structural problems in cob walled, stone walled or other solid walled buildings.

Contracting and listed building maintenance:

Our work includes:

  • Traditional lime plaster, render and mortar work.
  • Cob and stone wall repairs.
  • Cob Blocks made from your soil, or supplied directly. 
  • New build work: Cob walls, out buildings, eco-friendly and healthy spaces such as offices, studios or workshops in mass cob or cob block.
  • Bespoke training and one to one courses.

Based just outside Exeter, in Devon, we commonly service a wide area of the county and are happy to travel further if we can be of assistance.

Cob buildings, cob walls and most historic building materials are incredibly durable in the right environments, but if not looked after sensitively, they will return to their natural and largely organic forms very rapidly. Have a look at our illustration of how porous lime plasters help an old building if you own or are thinking of owning a cob house or old house generally.

Historic lime mortars can be found in a reasonable condition, decades after some of their modern replacements have begun to fail. Traditional lime mortars and plasters are very different to modern lime equivalents and the benefits offered by traditionally made lime mortars are many and go beyond just their natural porosity. Although chemically, many modern materials contain similar ingredients, recent research by the Building Limes forum has indicated that the precise materials, and precise method of manufacture and application play a huge role in making the old materials so successful. We have outlined some of the differences and some general information about traditional building materials on our traditional materials page.

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