About Us

Cob Solutions is a small team who are passionate about having the opportunity to protect our country’s building heritage as well as the science and art of using historic building materials such as lime and earth.

The materials we use today were used for millennia before the search for speed and convenience left them behind. Unfortunately, the problems caused by the modern and convenient materials commonly used today have been slow to develop and identify which has meant that a lot of the knowledge gained over the previous 2000 years has been lost.

We think it is incredibly short sighted to think that,over this massive stretch of history people did not learn a thing or two about how best to maintain their building materials. The old building materials are low tech, but it is likely that over 2000 years of use, both tradesmen and scientists would have studied them to establish the best way to look after them!

At Cob Solutions we are driven by the desire to understand old buildings the way they need to be understood, and to try and halt the damage being caused by modern, quick and easy solutions.

Naturally, we understand there is a need to make modern upgrades and alterations and hope that we can offer good solutions to combine old and new in a sustainable way.

If you are thinking of using cement, damp proof chemicals or membranes, or even a hydraulic lime (NHL)on an old cob, stone, brick or timber wall, you should think about whether it is really the right thing to be doing as you could end up making the problem worse in the long run.

If you are interested in reading about how Cob Solutions came to be then read our brief biography here.